Learning to paint fluidly

Below is the image I am referencing for my Claire Sherman-inspired landscape painting. I captured this scene during a tour of Farm Sanctuary this August in Watkins Glen, New York. The cow rests peacefully in the shade next to a wide open pasture. Being present in this moment was serene and gave me hope for farm animals still living in factory farms._MG_7901

Learning to paint fluidly, I first took my image into Photoshop and turned up the saturation for each hue. I then mixed my paint with a decent amount of medium (Linseed oil for now, but will experiment with Impasto soon) and then blocked in the main shapes of color using as little brush strokes and blending as possible.


DSC01444At this point, I am debating whether or not I will keep the cow in it’s most basic shape or if I will add more subtle detail. I am also wondering if i should integrate my receipt paper ink blots into the painting, since there are similar shapes appearing already. I am going to step away from this painting for a while until I decide what to do.

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