My latest piece is titled “Museling,” made specifically for my friend Julie Drout’s annual “MORPH” exhibition held in the 840 Gallery of DAAP.


Documented in the form of a lenticular, “mulesing” is a painful and arguably ineffective practice used in the wool industry that involves removing strips of wool-bearing skin from the backside of sheep in order to prevent flystrike. Framing this imagery is a more ideal landscape – a needle-felted scene whose wool is sourced from local Cincinnati sheep. The mandala of sweaters morphs literally with the image of mulesing and metaphorically with the state of each material’s permanence/impermanence.

Below are the two images which “morph” in the form of a lenticular:


The opening reception for “MORPH” will be held from 6:00-9:00 pm in the 840 Gallery of DAAP on Monday, April 27th.


Life after Art School

Since graduation last spring, I have realized how extremely difficult it is to be a working artist. Without the convenience of a studio space provided by a school or a community of professors/student-artists critiquing and challenging you every day, it is easy to lose sight of your work and how much it means to you.

Although the first few months of my post-graduate life were successful – sold a piece to an art collector in Cincinnati/got an big offer for another piece/won an award in a show – I stopped making work and ignored my artistic desires; for some reason, I had thousands of ideas but just couldn’t bring myself to make anything. Luckily, being away for more than half a year and finally figuring some things out for myself has taught me that I NEED art in my life. I’ve been lonely without it.

New work (actually) coming soon.